Apple & Rabri

Rabri is a milk based dessert which is made by boiling milk on low flame for a long time until it thickens and changes color. Its one of the richest Indian dessert and… Continue reading

Dense Fudgy Bite Size Brownies

Its very important to take care of measurements in baking and have the ingredients at room temperature to get the desired results. Put the eggs and butter out of the refrigerator a couple… Continue reading

Potato Patties With ChickPeas Curry

Hola! Here I come with one of my favorite recipes – Ragda Patties. It is basically shallow fried potato patties served with spicy chickpeas curry. Trust me, its heavenly good. Its a popular… Continue reading

Chit Chat + Salsa

Greetings! Food fills your stomach and good old friends make your day. Meeting good old friends just fills the soul with all the memories of good time spent together. Its just so refreshing and… Continue reading

Semolina Pancakes

Happy Saturday! Its a beauuutiful day outside today in Seattle and we are just loving it. Before I fly away for biking along side a river, posting today’s breakfast recipe – Semolina Pancakes.… Continue reading

Rose Milk

Mumma mumma, we used to scream , running through the main gate of the house, with dirt all over black shoes, dirty white school skirts and hair wet with sweat, racing to reach… Continue reading

Healthy Icecream

Oh yes, you heard it right! Its a healthy ice cream, free of any added sugar and its just made of a single ingredient which is banana. So, all you banana fans out… Continue reading

Melt-In-Mouth Peanut Butter Cookies

Ingredients Butter – 3/4 cup (about 160 grams) Castor Sugar – 1 cup (about 300 grams) Peanut Butter  – 3/4 cup (about 160 grams) Vanilla Extract – 1 teaspoon Egg – 1 Plain… Continue reading

Mini Party Pizzas

Running out of time to impress your guests with something altogether new and delicious? Something that they have never tasted before, never seen before? Well, these mini pizzas are your perfect solution! And… Continue reading

Magical Rice and Lentil Crepe

“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.” – Unknown Source Adai is a popular south… Continue reading

Quickie : Capsicum Masala Rice

Its December and its freakingly cold outside! Seattle is seeing freezing temperatures since past week. After coming home in evening, I do not even let any toe fingers out of the blanket. This… Continue reading

Spinach Dumplings in Yogurt Sauce

Its also called “Palak Kofta Kadhi” in hindi. Kadhi is basically a spicy yogurt sauce with chickpea fritters in it. The sauce is thickened by adding chickpea flour. Loads of turmeric are added… Continue reading

Pomegranate Raita

I love curd as much as I love water. Give me a bowl full of curd and I don’t need anything else for the meal. I made this raita as an accompaniment to… Continue reading

Spinach Malfatti

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with the holiday mood came this idea of having something exotic and fusiony in the middle of the week. I was browsing for spinach recipes since… Continue reading

Saffron Cookies

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