Hello and Welcome to Little Pleasures of Life! I am Bhawana and I live in Seattle with my handsome husband. We both are software engineers by profession as of now 😉

I have been away from my parent’s place for 9 years now and started cooking after graduating from undergrad school.  My relationship with cooking has evolved over years. First, it was just a means of collecting energy for the body. Then the times came when it became my stress buster. And after our marriage, when I actually started planning meals, it converted into a strong passion. Now, I actually care about what’s going in my cooking vessel and how appealing the food looks in those plates.

My cooking style is mostly Indian with some twists here and there. Nutrition is always an important consideration in my cooking pot. I generally go with traditional recipes, but I am eager on learning fusion and keep researching and reading about that.

Apart from food, we love hiking, playing board games and hanging out with friends on weekends.

This blog is a means of showcasing my experiments in the kitchen and I hope that you will enjoy the journey with me. Your thoughts and suggestions are very important for me. So, don’t forget to leave a note.