Achari Curry Recipes Cheatsheet : How To Make Achari Curries

My up bringing has been very very simple. Both of my parents are working and my mom used to get little time to prepare feisty gravies at home. We were used to having quick weeknight meals with simple sabjis paired with parathas or chapatis. So, growing up, I did not have a lot knack on how to make different curries. But, when I started living alone, I started studying Indian food to kill my boredom after work. I purchased piles of cookery books and I used to love experimenting unique recipes out of them. The goal of week used to be – try a new recipe whenever you cook! Cooking became my stress buster and my hobby. No matter how my day went at work, evening meals always used to bring smiles on my face while I had my dinner and chatted with my mom on phone. When I was learning to make curries, I was just amazed by the variations that you can bring in by slightest change of ingredients. But, I have always struggled with remembering which ingredients go in which curries. I have to admit, I suck at it and improving this particular skill is in my to do for this year.

Very soon I started recognizing patterns in different curries. Every curry adopts a different flavor as you cross regional boundaries in India. But, basic method and some ingredients almost always remain the same. The recipe that you see below in the picture is actually the basic recipe I use for making achari curries. I actually published achari gobhi and achari paneer recipes a couple of weeks ago. On the blog they are 2 different recipes, but actually their base is exactly the same :).

You can always add some variations here and there to curries and I am sure you will. But this basic method and ingredients won’t change. So, save this cheatsheet now and you will never have to go to internet again when you plan to make achari curries. Print the cheatsheet and place it in a drawer in your kicthen, its handy. Infact, I am planning to play with this basic recipe and may be make achari aloo or achari arbi or achari baingan this weekend!

Please leave a comment below if you find this cheatsheet useful and and let me know if you want me to continue adding cheatsheets for more curries!